TD Bike

Watch the TripleDare Bike Reel.


  • Kim Planert: Dawn – Director Timon Birkhofer, DP Ryan Spacone
  • Mike Himmel “Sunset Crash” – Director/DP Alisa Daglio
  • Last Three Days – Director Brian Ulrich, DP Chris Haggerty, Stunt Coordinator Ian Eyre
  • “Inside Hook: Mercedes Benz” – Director Leo Kei Angelos, DP Raul Gasteazoro
  • “Amy Song and the Acceptance Letter” – Director/DP Leo Kei Angelos, Stunt Coordinator Ian Eyre
  • Day of Reckoning – Director Joel Novoa, DP Petr Cikhart, Stunt Coordinator Robert Dill

No Gears, No Noise, No Emissions

A low speed and high speed, modular camera dolly system that boasts no gears so you can create smooth camera movements from standing still to 70 mph on various terrains, no emissions so you can film indoors and maintain environmental consciousness, and little noise so you can film after curfew or around animals. It’s based on Zero Motorcycles’ 2012 DS ZF9 and features constant acceleration from standing still to top speed. Range is approximately 100 miles with regenerative stopping and starting, 50 miles at 65 mph sustained. Full charge in five hours, plug in between shots to keep charged up.

The TripleDare Bike includes:

  • Adjustable camera plates from 6″ to 48″ off the ground.
  • Mitchell mounts and bowls (75mm, 100mm and 150mm).
  • Mount behind or above the rear tire, in front of or above the front tire. Underslung capability.
  • Full 22″ diameter spacing for Libra Head movement.
  • Mounting options using standard cheese plates, Speedrail stubs and modular T-slot assemblies.
  • Rear running-boards for passenger Camera Operator stability.
  • Hands free radio communications.
  • Spare wheel assemblies (1 set dual sport tires with tube, 1 set street tires tubeless).
  • Standard “Loss Payee” liability insurance required. Progressive rates depending on project.
  • SAG-AFTRA and non-union drivers. Based in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • More info and test footage at and at

Ian Eyre and Wayne Yawn have a combined 40+ years in movie stunts and auto racing. Wayne spent over twenty years in the racing industry and is currently one of the engineers employed by Bimmerworld Racing. Ian performs and coordinates SAG-AFTRA stunts for movies, commercials and music videos.

Call or email for demo or reservation: 323-363-6225,

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